Walking Upright: Even A Cave Man Can do It

Arise from your slumber oh sleeper - The Sleep is over!----- Integrity is what all religions, philosophy's and Science can and should have in common. But it seems mankind has lost grasp of his natural state of innocents - I seek to help restore it with your help today. Rather you are religious or secular  - No matter your race, social or political affiliations, we are all called to integrity now. It is time to stop each other and give into being fellow earthlings.

All of us people are born earthling's, we depend on the planets natural resource's like wind, water and the Sun and the Moon to live, just like your neighbor's next door. We all share the same breath cause we all share the same wind.

Earth, who can live with out it?
What part of earth is not holy?
What time can be more holy than any other?
Shall we celebrate all time's and place's as holy?

We all have our own inner knowing, inside that guides us, if we listen. But we are being called to go against our self more and more these days, against the inner spirit in the holy place. We are separated into non-organic groups, who have agenda's that do not allow for total honesty and integrity in each individual.  We need to be our self, even when our self is messed up. Pretending leads to people storing up guilt, from not doing what they know they should do, or doing what they would not normally do, only to keep safe the group norms and secrets. Our status in said group, depends on us being divided against our self?

Anyone divided, is against them self.
And any one against them self is conquered
Who loving them self would hate others?

We can only hate our self, it is impossible to not care for others, if we care for our self. So when some one hates others, it is something they hate about them self. Self hatred is hating others and hating others is hating your self. And people who hate - hate =  are among the worst hater's on earth. so much they want to love haters to death or out right kill them, who dont want loved in the first place. Force love on people? Force peace on others, even those who desire war? And force war on others who desire peace. maybe we dont want either of this war or peace, we are given to choose from. Not if it means so much disunity of mankind over them.

That is all I see is divisions, over this or that things reported on media device's. I dont see anything to fight over in the forest or in the store. We all pretty much the same in the eyes of an alien visiting.

 Everyone wants to do something right these days though, right, help make things better some how, but there are so many opinions on what exactly that means? If all previous methods in the past worked to say, help american Indians, why do they still need help? If demonstrating in the streets with card board sign's worked, then there would be no need to do it after the 1960's was over.

If we plan on stopping crime, then why would we build more jails and prisons every day and plan on building more, when we should be tearing them down if we plan on there being no more need for crime.  Everyone joins an organization or Church and rights a easy check out, but if that works, why is there still so much of the same problems that are getting worse. Maybe we should take a sober look at what solves problems, and consider many of todays so called solutions,  actually keeps the problems in place.

If voting made things better, then why are they getting worse - things have always gotten worse, how can they get better until we do something different? Let politicians politic, let us solve our own problems and stop waiting for some one else to do it.

A common house fly hits the window, it never escape's, yet keeps flying into the window over and over - as if more problems are the solution and that failing is success. Shall we let politics, government, media, race and religion be that window, when earthlings who are as about as different as a snow flake from one another? Shall those who hunger and thirst for righteousness be deprived, because it is uncommon and not profitable to be honest. I say now is the time to refuse to lie and to find integrity at all cost!

When will the last lie will be told?
When you tell it = thats when

The Greek word for Acting is "Hypocrisy" - What Religion and Secular all have in common is lack of personal integrity. Being honest with our self first off =  and then to others comes easy.

Your "unselfish" self actuation, will bring the only changes in the world needed, no war wages are necessary  - once we change our self, the world around us will also change. I promise you - if you work for righteousness/integrity, all things will work, so that your work is completed.

 "If you hunger and thirst for righteousness, you will be filled" Jesus Christ

"Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values."
Ayn Rand

Science calls it Integrity and Religion calls it Righteousness
There are about 660 passages in  the Bible's collection of 66 books calling for righteousness/righteous of "Gods people" We have morals and ethics to guide us but todays world is a place of lie's, deception and competitive games. I wont stand for it any more, will you?  Lies are destroying mankind and the rest of earth.

I look for fellow volunteers, not cult following  - We are not perfect, not out to judge anyone or be better,  but to be an example of an unfolding lotus that evolves cause evolution is a choice -  we seek to better our self until we expire from this planet. This will take reflective practice

This is of scientific, historical and biblical proportions - .


Maleificent Shakti - Indiana Law, Flaggits And Freeman

‘You are to love Adonai your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.’ This is the greatest and most important mitzvah. And a second is similar to it, ‘You are to love your neighbor as yourself.’ All of the Torah and the Prophets are dependent on these two mitzvot.” 

 The Golden rule is a rule not used by todays, thoroughly confused christian's. So let he who wants refused service, refuse others service. But I cant think of a gay or straight that want treated with anything less then the same human common respect they give others. So let he who does not respect him self, disrespect others. No one can make anyone repsect them self, how can we then expect those who do not repect them self to respect and love others. Thus anyone who allows those who disrespect them self to do business in the disctrict of their govern, they also allow them to disrespect others. So those who break this rule have also broken the law of Moses/Torah = not just JC 

I say any one calling them self a Christian, and does not practice use the golden rule, on them self, and all others (neighbor's) is not a Christian, but are with and for Anti-Christ. 

You Flaggits fly your freak flags - A flag you pleadged to it Americana

What is this flag? it is a bundle of Fags/sticks/dicks =  Fasci
Each stripe is a fag and they are bound by Stars/Governor's/Capitals
Did you take an oath to the Fag?
 "Pagon" is also pronounced Fagon - it used to mean state religion or none
A bundle of fags is also know as a bundle of dicks
Today Pagons are folks/polks who follow State law Clergy, not religion Clergy  

- this is a patriarchy after all isnt it - both gays and christians muslims and so on all follow state laws to some degree and live a civic life making money, paying tax, watching sports/gladiators, buing retail, going to parks and concerts, facebooking, eating apple pie driving government made Chevy and cooking on grills on sunday eating hot dog sausage fests. Whats so proudly we hail at the twilights last gleeming.

You want your constitutional rights under a fag  cause your a flaggit
Has nothing to do with religion - your fly the flag you flaggit
Your took an oath to it allegents - those who fail walk the plank/flank

So you your a freeman? okay sure - but

All this Freeman on the land BS, sold on the net as a fix for your legal troubles is nothing more than elaborate hoax to get you in more a bind as a anit flagman. A Freeman means today, your a member of a Church or a Lodge. A Freeman owns land. a common is not free. So anyone calls them self a Freeman on the land better meet the definitions ide say. 

Freemen are just people who have fully commited to civic  and church life and owning land in the districts of governers, Mayers/Majors and Banks.

But how can any man be free on some one elses land?

Even Corporation land is some one elses land and what city, state or town or even public school is not owned by a cororation. What land on earth is owned by a individual, state or country? The entire map is a grid, where can you go to leave the grid unless you leave earth?

A man is free in his own castle, on his own land - a man is king of his land so he makes the rules, since he is the ruler. But how can a man rules the lands and be free to break the laws of another mans or corporations land? He cant - so all the Freeman on the land non sence is just that. A hoax - beware of those who call them self "Freeman" They are delusional or psychotic mindless followers of right wing cults, or just out right agents of confusion. 

In America it is illegal to discriminate, unless your an individual - meansing on your land you can discriminate, but not in public , cause public commercial districts are under the same Flaggits as the same flags who fly the same freak fags. 

I aint Gay myself - but im dedicated to the golden rule, my only one. To go by anyother rule is against myself, against nature itself.

 - Like anyone, I dont want to see anyone having sex on my property or in my casa or you casa, and i sure as hell dont want to see anyone having sex in public, gay or straight - most people have sex in private, thats whats seperates us from the animals who have gang fucking - Come to think of it, Ive never seen gay folks haveing sex in public. I know men meet in parks and try to hook up and have sex and i dont want to see anyone having sex in a park, save it for private. How would I even know about all this if it wasnt for the media telling me? I dont have homosexual sex myself, and dont want to. But if I did, I would not do it in a pizzareah or a indy club down town. I grew up around many gays and bisexuals, and many of them, i didnt even know was gay or Bi, untill I was an older adult, cause why should I, Im not gay, wasnt sleeeping with them, we just partied togethor and for me, that did not mean flagging in a bundle of fags and my freind respected that and did not invite me to sex partys - I never got that group sex thing, for me thats what dogs do in public and keeps dog catchers busy .

Definition  - "Freeman is a term which originated in 12th-century Europe and was common as an English or American Colonial expression in Puritan times. In the Bay Colony, a man had to be a member of the Church to be a freeman. In Colonial Plymouth, a man did not need to be a member of the Church, but he had to be elected to this privilege by the General Court. Once a man was made a freeman, and was no longer considered a common, he could, and usually would, become a member of the church, and he could own land. The amount of land he was able to own was sometimes determined by how many members there were in his family. As a freeman, he became a member of the governing body, which met in annual or semiannual meetings (town meetings) to make and enforce laws and pass judgment in civil and criminal matters. As the colonies grew these meetings became impractical and a representative bicameral system was developed. Freeman would choose deputy governors who made up the upper house of the General Court and assistant governors, the lower house, who chose the governor from among their ranks, and who passed judgments in civil and criminal matters. To hold one of these offices it was required, of course, for one to be a freeman. Thus, the enfranchised voters and office holders were landholding male church members. Women, Native Americans and other non-Puritans were not made freeman."

All the controversy in Indiana is just noise, loud noise =  and the Clergy proclaim they dont want gay people in church and wont marry them, so they proclaim loudly their right not to marry a gay couple. But wait, Clergy dont marry anyone any dam way, more noise, more lies, the State does that = marrys and lies, The religious ceremony is just a public act, a play, a tradition now - to show publicly their incorporation from two into one tax entity = incorporation. It rarely works well for heterosexuals, im sure it wont work much better for gay couples letting the state in your afairs to get tax breaks, is never a good idea, unless your a freeman flaggit on the fasci land who bundle your self with other flaggits under the flag of disunity.

Allot of noise made in the media - loud noise is all it is - ask your self why really all the noise?

The flag I pleaged was about me being indivisable - meaning i cant be divided

But these politicians divide with laws and commercial codes.
The plag i pledged as a boy in grade school, right hand over heart, was about freedom and justice for ALL - Let justice be swift for ALL - start with me God, but dont end until every last flaggit has his justice
Let everone divided be unified again, back to a time when no flag was needed, no oths was used

"Do not take oaths - Let your Yes be yes and your no be No" JC

Oath keepers?
How are they christians and take new oaths? Why i left the church years ago = nonesence
I mean we was tricked into oath to the fag as kids (baby goats), but these so called chritians take a new oath when Jesus said not to take oaths is blasphemy of the holy spirit and more politics as usual.
Anti-christs posing as Christ followers in abundance - the entire church under .org gov.

"Initially, all persons seeking to be free needed to take the Oath of a Freeman, in which they vowed to defend the Commonwealth and not to conspire to overthrow the government. The first handwritten version of the "Freeman's Oath" was made in 1634; it was printed by Stephen Daye in 1639 in the form of a broadside or single sheet of paper intended for posting in public places" 

Like saying your a vegan but eat meat when no one is looking = its for the eyes and praise of men, to look good is narrsisim - where the image is whats loved, not the true self, whats inside is not even seen anymore and narsis is totaly in love with what people think of him and how he looks to others and he loves it cause people love him. But who love them self for this false image mirror mirror on the wall?

Yeshua said to them, Nu, give the Emperor what belongs to the Emperor. And give to God what belongs to God!” On hearing this, they were amazed; and they left him and went away

I ask you 
- If you dont have anything that belongs to the Emperor, how can you owe the Emperor anything? Why would the emperor care about you if you dont owe?
 - If you have not taken anything. You Dont have anything that belongs to  God, how can you owe God, unless you have something that belongs to God?
 - Now if you give to God what is Gods and give to the Emperor what belongs to the emperor, then expsect to get what you pay for you flaggits. All the politicians are hypocrites just like the christian business owners who want to refuse a select people the golden rule.

Mathew 22 - Yeshua again used parables in speaking to them: “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding feast for his son, but when he sent his slaves to summon the invited guests to the wedding, they refused to come. So he sent some more slaves, instructing them to tell the guests, ‘Look, I’ve prepared my banquet, I’ve slaughtered my bulls and my fattened cattle, and everything is ready. Come to the wedding!’ But they weren’t interested and went off, one to his farm, another to his business; and the rest grabbed his slaves, mistreated them and killed them. The king was furious and sent his soldiers, who killed those murderers and burned down their city.
“Then he said to his slaves, ‘Well, the wedding feast is ready; but the ones who were invited didn’t deserve it. So go out to the street-corners and invite to the banquet as many as you find.’ 10 The slaves went out into the streets, gathered all the people they could find, the bad along with the good; and the wedding hall was filled with guests.
11 “Now when the king came in to look at the guests, he saw there a man who wasn’t dressed for a wedding; so he asked him, 12 ‘Friend, how did you get in here without wedding clothes?’ The man was speechless. 13 Then the king said to the servants, ‘Bind him hand and foot, and throw him outside in the dark!’ In that place people will wail and grind their teeth, 14 for many are invited, but few are chosen.” 
So let  all the flaggits eat at the feast if they are dressed proper for the kings property. What pr0perty is not, not your, is not another kings casa? The freemen arnt hungray, they never showed up like the oath keepers. The chritians didnt show, the corporation heads didnt show. So let the lowest casts in the common in to feast. But woe to those who are not clothed in righteousness - Fag and churchman alike are judged the same when it comes to integrity or speech and action - Todays society has lead many into things they would not have other wise learned from the environment making people into gays from genetic and environmenal settings - like people addicted to TV, video games or food even drugs or politics, are no diff from gaymen or any other flaggit - all are invited to the feast, but who will show up? Few cause few have the cloths to wear. So let everone be invited, few will be chosen. Seems like thats equality at its peak. Come to my casa be dressed proper. Go to some one elses casa be sure and dress proper - cause, a man is king of his casa, what rules he makes are just cause he is the ruler of that land. no man is free on any other kings land, he must obey the rules

Man is free to do what ever he wants = as long as he obeys the rules 
Now how it got this way you will say is unjust , maybe so but it is how it is now - all land should be shared and not owned, ide agree,  but it isnt anymore like we can just change the way things have got over night

 - The earth grid = it is really owned by those who reign over the ruler's. Roads have rules, so, if you want to drive on them, you must take an oath to drive by the rules of those who own the roads, who built them for commercial use - your signed your name, took a test and qualified to drive on another kings road, thus you must obey the rules or be cast off the road or taxed/fined as the king see;s fit - you may also make rules on your roads on your land and fine anyone who breaks the rules on your land 


People lying to them self, others and nature has brought allot of problems as we see from above the lack of integrity in politics, church, social and civic life is rampant - a species thats lies to itself and thus others - lies are the only exceptionable way to do business - get over on some one some how is a sicksessfull way of life. No wonder the apparent maleficia people have brought on them self from nature. People cant even see the contradiction anymore and if they are not careful nature will reject them for not being properly clothed in nature. Dont blame witch's, blame your self

 - Nature only corrects the un-natural 
The innocent need not fear

You say that the Banks loan more out of thin air? We are in debt and the rothsheids are to blame
I say they loan based on the value of assets they have available and since the hole planit is worth more than trillions, they can loan into infinity. The whole Rothsheild story/history told by right wing and alturnative media come from a old black and white film produced by the Rothschild. It is so inacurate as to the real origens of this family who come Kazenelnbogn counts of the rhine in Germany, just as the royals and all kings and queens today did/do come from these aristicratic familys. All this info is hidden, unless you research further like genealogy. But Wrestling conspiracy announcers and ex prowresling Governors arent paid to tell the truth, they are paid to spead theorys, half truths and total bull shit. Anyone notice Jessy Ventura is still on the payroll of the US government and will be for life as ex Governor, so he is by definition a gov agent, as anyone on the govs payroll is. 

 plagues of lies has struck the land causing nature to take action 

You do not have "Miranda Rights" That is another play on TV. You have Constitution rights, under the fag. If you know them and how to use them.  
 - Repeat  - You do not have miranda rights

That said, take note = the "R" (trademark) on all your products is "all rights researved" so when you ask for your rights you also ask for your rights under the system of the circles "R" - R -s also the number 18 and 18 is three 6's = 666 mark of the beast - your rights as a beast are the constitutional rights you hold and cherish. I use the pen name trade mark so to show you the way away from it, or more directly to it. I do not live like a beast and do not worship this mark in any way any more, cause i now understand it. Those who do not take this mark, will find it hard to eat and work as a freeman or a common. Both take the mark, worship retail items like TV, phones and video games. R  = 666 try and fint a product you consume use or own = with out this mark. All brands are brands on the beast of burden. We cannot escape the marks, but we can escape the power they have on us and stop worshipping the marks of the Beast. So you want all your rights reserved? Are you sure you invoke your constitutional rights?

When the Bible was written, and also not that long ago jim crow, a black man was considered a beast of burden = and it was forbidden to have sex with a beast (have children, this is the "sin" of Cain, having babies with slave cast, offering fruits of his loins, the father of the modern black race/all are part white) or to allow them in the holy place. To late for that to change eh - Now, I am not for or against the president, I am not political minded or follow the ways of those clergy administer men in administration. He/Obama has done positive things for people and negative things, like the white president before him. But know this, biblicly speaking, he is a beast of burden a monster created by man, a obamanation, sitting in a holy place he does not belong, with his feet on the desk = the oval office and white house is a holy place for all intents and purpose of the high preist/ad-ministrator/minister - Knowing this dont mean be prejudice or a dam bigot who wont golden rule up, just means be aware of it this fact, and what is going on, it is part of the blue print. Race War can only stem from divisions of left and right  - repubs and dems - black and white divisons of "gog and magog" meaning the dark side and the light side of the globe ying yang 

- all in society is built on the duality and it is used in language and in all things to divide you against your self and others - this is a method to govern beasts of burden, not so much a evil conspiracy theory,  keeping them in a mental constructed cage or division while in a free range farm and uncontrolled hypnotic and cyclic behaviors, eliminating the shakti female and chaos from the natures equation of balance. But balance is coming back now -

But With shakti comes Shiva - the destroyer

This is the maleficia that covers the earth now. the Shakti is correcting the imbalance as we speak, and it takes form as maleficia to correct.  The Elohim return with and unite with Yavh = female merges with male = natural chemical wedding, a reconnect of what has been in the past torn apart. 


The "Devil" is the female side - She has been blamed and shut out of our lives. She is inside all of us and out side all of us. We are all male and female if we are born of man and woman.  We are all like nature and like the female is dark and light, as the light is light and dark - so let the sun have darkness and let the moon have light - glow - nature is perfect, let us be perfected by balance of shakti return - it will be painfull for awile the upheaval she brings us all seperating the un-natural from the natural- but she is here in form of the alpha omega now. Bring the balance back - bring it back - bring it back

Who is YHVH Elohim in actuality - Find out here in this in depth article proving the idenity of the God of the Bible is hiddden right in front of us - https://sites.google.com/site/yahwehelohiym/an-ancient-view-of-god/the-masculine-and-feminine-nature-of-elohim


shaRah noRmL brainhactivity - Exrepeatreation

The Roombionce of that smooth surface scratched my skindeep beauty that ark day - - - - - - - - - - - - -  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -  I started to need all over myself and ran to the Ice box for a cold think of matter - - - I could not swhollow the depth of my surface, as of it yet, it would run so deep, so keep on streaming live air water - stay current - - -  so he wrapped her tongue in a turn cut to stop the talking from comeing out of her speak her - - - Where did she from come? - - -  A voice said something, but the head voice kept us all thinking about the pain in her head post, from not bein present while talking to us hall in the room - - - She was a mother of fuckers and wizerd of shitty bangs bangs, before she grew a zipper on it and butt end it up, straight to the liar hanger - - - I never used a we-jah, I am bord and still dont know how to spell "it" more than three ways - - - Manaja what? - - - No since in sharing what you can eat alone by candle rite - - - So i left the Corn walls with one think in mind = "Can a ghost see a ghost, and if so, how can he see with out eyes to manuver and talk, with out a voice box to trap the sound in. lips or make a noice with out a torso corpso = we asked a specialist in conjuring jury cons - - - Trien to make sences out ovvit makes no since at fall - - - Is there a "paranormal hactivity goin on?" in my nature wolrd of bush hugs and ground twirls - - - Angled snow fakes - - - Scare the crow with another crucified dumby - - -  So I dropped a plum core in the toilet wondering if it would flush, ok?  - - - went plumb down -  Still the voice iz a mazed by my corn maze, and why the Slimdians call this stuff maze? Corn wall jacks son amazing corn wall is - - - aMazing Graze, so harsh the sound for those who have no grace to sing about - so yesterday reigns over later day faints - - - Then, just then, Crow scared the corn away - - - Mice walk the thins - - - This voice verse is mega Good zilla verses - - - Talk about para quadradualistic dichotomy's times sex plus he her it - - - So I asked the voice of the we-jah, i never touch-ed "Who are u if you are "no body?"  - - - The sound came from no place and said nothing, but silence suddenly came loudly in a climax of the root chakra and vibrated my third ear three times countem three timz countem three timez countem again three tie's - - - "I am Sarah of the Sahara, do you have any pudding spirit/spirit pudding?" - - - After you eat at the meet spirit, you cant have your pudding Sarah of the Sahara until you meat your ghost's spirit  - - - She was not the Baron nest of wet Sandpaper people, like i had last thought in the middle, but she was close enough for this my documentary special on your tubes, your phones eyes, and your Pod eye pads - - -  Speacial thinks to the 120 grit and the putty people of sorth yeast corner of the meating table - - - Sudden sand blasted the calm and created and slow weeknest in my connection cords connected to the floor joyce took care of all that creeking with some soul glue - - - After going fireless for a quarter day of coin byteing, we gather our board and told the voice that we want t-her-e to stop thinking to much with a brain ghost sheeth and pick up a trumpet and suck - - - play the whorornet - - - We cant see you, so we are closing the meating down up there, is she a butch her we all wonderd out quietly- - -  Sand it smooth Sarah untill its rough again, if you like, but you arr not welcome to the lend of my ear, but we will leave you some tapioka sand pudding, is that clear to you no ear to hear? - - - So me and my crew of light workers and the night rester's shed some light darkness on heavy shade,  that nothing, that wasnt there, after all over the place, we could find - - - We sold the files to 3o minutes news programmers and they aird this broad cast fishing pole manuver in place of my para normality document, to doc your ment/mind insted of your body for a thin doller 11nighty19, insted of crashing light bringing seance's in the dark, we shall with darkness, bring it to night lights - - - Let us conquer the Sandpaperpeople and silence their paintings - - - let us mouth their mouthings and list their chaos none by none - - - let us rid the maze of corney para normal brain hacktivity and brain source the Green Giant as a reference in the Bible of Ography as our proof reading wrote to us, we proved it by thus reading it written, as such.  - - - That Sarah of the Sandpeople forever rest their case, thoughts of dark beams ashewn on the 4 heads of the timber nickel and tales it was.
And Mike her phone, her phone was turned up way to0 wide to record it in our head cavity meet so we-jah afourned and shit corn off the cob webs for three phrase of the Plant it wayz
signed this day... Jewlie 60th of Fibuary tock tie me tics @ ten44 save the day light in a bottle zone - Jock Dyk Dick ov the KiltRus Klan


Ethic's, Moral's And Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit

Ef there is one who proclaims his strength, I will test its integrity and look for a weakness
Ef there is obvious or proclaimed weakness, I will give it my strength and help it get strong

Who is it the Blasphemes the holy spirit  - what the hell does that even mean?
Is this one of them religious ideas?
yes and no - you will find all ideas, theory, facts, truth and lies = in science and religion - they are just called differnt names like = ethics and morality

Going against one self used to be called defiling one self - it just means you do what you know you should not do or you dont do what you know you ought to do - this is called in the Bible by Christ "Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" and "they will not be forgiven" Why is cause you have to forgive your self to be forgiven - and anyone who continues to go against them self can never forgive them self,  thus, they are not forgiven and will not be until they do forgive them self. It is that simple and childish that it even shames the devil to tell you...

This covers nearly the population of the earth, those who go against them self and hold them self guilty for doing so 0 0 0  - people doing to others what they do not want done to them self. -  Usually for money and sex - comforts, desire's, fetish's/idolatry - even to compete in the work place is going against yourself if - going against others is going against your self -

People who say they are against banks and use banks to do banking are against them self
People who adhear to groups norms and have to keep secrets from others is going against them self cause - secrets usually mean we know how to keep you stupid and us enlightened - kinda like if you eat of the tree of knowledge of good and bad you will die - its simply not true - the Serpant told the truth and yet why did some one feel the need to lie about knowing?

Has anyone tried to figure out what the hell is goin on around here, or do they all just listen to what everyone else says about everything and repeat that =  with out private scientific inquiry?
 - but there is a root to this tree we get fruit from
 - there is a seed
Who if anyone planted the seed that made the roots that made the tree's trunks that produced the tree branches and tender shoots that lead to this marvelous fruit = these things we seek to understand we use a tree as a measure - I myself am a funkin trunk, like you, I we have roots and seeds and in fertile grounds we are planted from mighty streams.

Description of above figure: "First the • (Point), the Monad, Bythus (the Deep), the unknown and unknowable Father. Then the Δ (Triangle), Bythus and the first emanated pair or Duad, Nous (Mind) and its syzygy Aletheia (Truth). Then the □ (Square), the dual Duad, Tetractys or Quaternary, two males ||, the Logos (Word) and Anthrôpos (Man), two females, their syzygies, = Zoê (Life) and Ekklesia (the Church or Assembly), Seven in all. The Triangle the Potentiality of Spirit, the Square the Potentiality of Matter; the Vertical Straight Line the Potency of Spirit, and the Horizontal the Potency of Matter. Next comes the Pentagram ⋆, the Pentad, the mysterious symbol of the Manasáputras or Sons of Wisdom, which together with their syzygies make 10, or the Decad; and last of all, the Hexalpha or interlaced Triangles ✡ theHexad, which with their syzygies make 12, or the Dodecad. Such are the Contents of the Pleroma or Completion, the Ideas in the Divine Mind, 28 in all, for Bythus or the Father is not reckoned, as it is the Root of all. The two small circles within the Pleroma are the syzygy Christos-Pneuma (Christ and the Holy Spirit); these are after-emanations, and, as such, from one aspect, typify the descent of Spirit to inform and evolve Matter, which essentially proceeds from the same source . . . The Circle of the Pleroma is bounded by a circumference emanated from Bythus (the Point), this is called the Horus (Boundary), Staurus (Stock, Stake, or Cross) and Metæcheus (Participator); it shuts off the Pleroma (or Completion) from the Hystêrema (the Inferiority or Incompletion), the larger from the smaller Circle, the Unmanifested from the Manifested. Within the Circle of the Hysterêma is the Square of primordial Matter, or Chaos, emanated by Sophia, called the Ektrôma (or Abortion). Above this is a Triangle, primordial Spirit, called the Common Fruit of the Pleroma, or Jesus, for to all below the Pleroma it appears as a unity. Notice how the Triangle and Square of the Hysterêma are a reflection of the Triangle and Square of the Pleroma. Finally, the plane of the paper, enclosing and penetrating all, is Sigê (Silence)."

- why would some one have keys to a door, yet keep the door locked - and they them self do not enter?

mystery schools and initiations are to control the initiates and keep them from opening said door. A door one can simply knock on and will be opend - free - yes those who charge to keep you from entering will parish in the flame before a fire is kindled

If you want to find sinners - go to church
if you want to find unethical people - go to the state

Why a need scheduled confessions unless you plan on everyone sinning?
How is some one who plans on sinning innocent of sin?
Does some hex, prayer talisman beads, spell prayer, christian curse, or prayer exonerate those who plot sin and plot to later be forgiven by their father? whats Father allows his child to continually plot and go against his fathers house?

What child fears his Father, if he has not done anything to make his father indignant?
Fear is the beginning of wisdom - it is not in the end

No one who plans of staying innocent needs to create a defense, and no one who plans on being guilty deserves to be forgiven - we forgive accidents and mis takes - not purposeful intent - this is why being fully at all times conscious is important when we are with others, and not just a hippy thing to do. So we can tell what is a mis take and what is a purposeful act. Separate the innocent from the guilty this way. Let the innocent be innocent and let the guilty be guilty but let them both do it in a way that is not against them self and others

No one who plans on being guilty can ever be innocent - asking for forgiveness while continuously doing what you feel is wrong, is slow suicide =  and is not forgivable by your self or by the All/El
We learn not to fear if we want to learn to fully experience while fully conscious, so we do not fear our fathers wrath, if we have kept our fathers house/temple/castle/body clean - and after all, that is what we want of our own children = to pick up after them self - not to make a mess for others to clean up, clean up after your self and be kind and respectful to your neighbor's and house mates/family.

Turn your music down if you dont want to hear your neighbor's music loud.

Shall we say I will forgive some one who wronged me =  so God will take revenge for me?
Is this not the same as taking revenge, to think this way?
Why not say I forgive him and know he will reap what he sows as long as I stay out of it all togethor. All i have to do now is not allow this person to abuse me and my trust again - I forgive you for what you dont but I cant forget if you done it wrongly to me, you done it to your self wrongly and this wont change until it stops totally - allowing it to continue is blasphemy of the holy spirit - so you stay away from such people - easy as pi

“Love is the will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth... Love is as love does. Love is an act of will -- namely, both an intention and an action. Will also implies choice. We do not have to love. We choose to love.” 
― M. Scott Peck

All that is blasphemy of the holy spirit -  can be found in the entire christian and catholic doctrain teaches to go against your self for the group. communion, congregation norms. So if civilization is based on lies, to embrace allot of it for most people =  is blaspheming the holy spirit all day and night ,ost of the time as a way of life =  But the All who lives inside you as much as outside

 - no one wants murderd, so no one should murder right - but who will murder the  murder's to stop all the murdering?

Self sacrifice is suicide and jesus did it so no one would ever have to again - no more need for a scapegoat for sins - we take responsibility/Ability to respond for what we sown by embracing what we reap - no more blaming devils or the government, police  - stop waiting on them to change things for you - change yo dam self in jesus name - or a scientists name - just be real about it

 Seems in order to start all over again even, would require some serious consideration and repentance in sackloth and ash's. Since we cant make everyone stop fucking them self to death, all we can do is change our own behavior of going against the holy spirit - if that was possible.

But no one will repent of all this crap - its to much fun going against our self here in hell where self immolation is the rule of thumb one.

How is some one who requires a man an priest, minister, pastor, rabi to intercede for them to the spiritual - how is this man innocent of anything - how can the saluted be innocent of asking to be prayed to - isnt a salute a worship pose?

 - - - anyone who is innocent finds them self as such and anyone who is guilty also find them self as such. It has nothing to do with what other people think or religion or science - it is between you yourself and you - the holy spirit is life/God/Nature/Universe/Soul in side you and you are a temple for that source of life to live through you = the All/El - if you go against your self  = you are going against the universe. Anyone who is for himself is not against others - he unites him self as a individual amoung individuals who treat others how they them self want treated - this allow everyone never to go against them self - but this is not what going on in the world - so mankind has brought judgemnt upon itself by going against All/Elyon inside you and out side you - we are all connected to it, All, so anything that goes against it, will be dealt with by nature = that is the laws of the macrocosm as below in the microcosm.

The Storm has been here, is coming, and is here now
Presence is the source
Global warming or maleficent Elves?
Extreme waether,el nino, La nino and extreme temp's in both directions = are wax and wane
Natures ways of dealing with mankinds many multitude's of blasphemy's
Nature will deal with the guilty - mankind is judging himself - woe to those whos self judment has not yet come - for it will come at an hour when you are not ready for court - if you are not ready you will be astonished and overwhelmed by the message of the spirit - when it is revealed to you your true self.

Show me love is me seeing you love your self,  thus loving me, the way you want loved

"Why go through the fire for my teachings? Would it not be better to be burned by ones own flame"

from one extreme to another - know where you reside  - know where it is you want to be

Karma = reaping what you sow - cant escape it as an individual - so groups escape it by disbursing it on to others = this is blasphemy on to The Paraclete, and is not forgiven.
But know this who ever you are - rather in this minute, day, week, year, lifetime or genetic karma, is all karma - if we plant thistles we will reap thorns  - hard for thee to kick against the pricks

Defile your self you defile life it self - this choice of embracing all these abominations id your own down fall, by your own hand through your environment - a self healing organism full of sickness's

It is ok to defile and blaspheme evil
good and bad are natural= if they are in accordance with nature
 - evil is man made -
You are made of the universe = you are good and bad by nature and all degree;s in between both extreeems  of good and bad - male female - positive and negative - but man chooses evil of self immolation of him self and thus everyone and everything else  - evil spiritual complacency when nature changes constantly forever - this is mans fall down, of witch, he will not get back up to walk again

Woe to the ones who blaspheme the holy spirit inside them
Blessed are those who blaspheme the complacency, evils,injustice and lies of mankind
Woe to those who neglect justice for the gold
Blessed are those are just and wish it upon them self
Woe to those who reap where they do not sow
Blessed are those the embrace their own reaping's and openly sow what it is they sow
Woe to those who reap the whirlwind
Let there be justice and make it swift
- kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, on hell, as it is in the heaven's