Walking Upright: Even A Cave Man Can do It

Arise from your slumber oh sleeper - The Sleep is over!----- Integrity is what all religions, philosophy's and Science can and should have in common. But it seems mankind has lost grasp of his natural state of innocents - I seek to help restore it with your help today. Rather you are religious or secular  - No matter your race, social or political affiliations, we are all called to integrity now. It is time to stop each other and give into being fellow earthlings.

All of us people are born earthling's, we depend on the planets natural resource's like wind, water and the Sun and the Moon to live, just like your neighbor's next door. We all share the same breath cause we all share the same wind.

Earth, who can live with out it?
What part of earth is not holy?
What time can be more holy than any other?
Shall we celebrate all time's and place's as holy?

We all have our own inner knowing, inside that guides us, if we listen. But we are being called to go against our self more and more these days, against the inner spirit in the holy place. We are separated into non-organic groups, who have agenda's that do not allow for total honesty and integrity in each individual.  We need to be our self, even when our self is messed up. Pretending leads to people storing up guilt, from not doing what they know they should do, or doing what they would not normally do, only to keep safe the group norms and secrets. Our status in said group, depends on us being divided against our self?

Anyone divided, is against them self.
And any one against them self is conquered
Who loving them self would hate others?

We can only hate our self, it is impossible to not care for others, if we care for our self. So when some one hates others, it is something they hate about them self. Self hatred is hating others and hating others is hating your self. And people who hate - hate =  are among the worst hater's on earth. so much they want to love haters to death or out right kill them, who dont want loved in the first place. Force love on people? Force peace on others, even those who desire war? And force war on others who desire peace. maybe we dont want either of this war or peace, we are given to choose from. Not if it means so much disunity of mankind over them.

That is all I see is divisions, over this or that things reported on media device's. I dont see anything to fight over in the forest or in the store. We all pretty much the same in the eyes of an alien visiting.

 Everyone wants to do something right these days though, right, help make things better some how, but there are so many opinions on what exactly that means? If all previous methods in the past worked to say, help american Indians, why do they still need help? If demonstrating in the streets with card board sign's worked, then there would be no need to do it after the 1960's was over.

If we plan on stopping crime, then why would we build more jails and prisons every day and plan on building more, when we should be tearing them down if we plan on there being no more need for crime.  Everyone joins an organization or Church and rights a easy check out, but if that works, why is there still so much of the same problems that are getting worse. Maybe we should take a sober look at what solves problems, and consider many of todays so called solutions,  actually keeps the problems in place.

If voting made things better, then why are they getting worse - things have always gotten worse, how can they get better until we do something different? Let politicians politic, let us solve our own problems and stop waiting for some one else to do it.

A common house fly hits the window, it never escape's, yet keeps flying into the window over and over - as if more problems are the solution and that failing is success. Shall we let politics, government, media, race and religion be that window, when earthlings who are as about as different as a snow flake from one another? Shall those who hunger and thirst for righteousness be deprived, because it is uncommon and not profitable to be honest. I say now is the time to refuse to lie and to find integrity at all cost!

When will the last lie will be told?
When you tell it = thats when

The Greek word for Acting is "Hypocrisy" - What Religion and Secular all have in common is lack of personal integrity. Being honest with our self first off =  and then to others comes easy.

Your "unselfish" self actuation, will bring the only changes in the world needed, no war wages are necessary  - once we change our self, the world around us will also change. I promise you - if you work for righteousness/integrity, all things will work, so that your work is completed.

 "If you hunger and thirst for righteousness, you will be filled" Jesus Christ

"Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values."
Ayn Rand

Science calls it Integrity and Religion calls it Righteousness
There are about 660 passages in  the Bible's collection of 66 books calling for righteousness/righteous of "Gods people" We have morals and ethics to guide us but todays world is a place of lie's, deception and competitive games. I wont stand for it any more, will you?  Lies are destroying mankind and the rest of earth.

I look for fellow volunteers, not cult following  - We are not perfect, not out to judge anyone or be better,  but to be an example of an unfolding lotus that evolves cause evolution is a choice -  we seek to better our self until we expire from this planet. This will take reflective practice

This is of scientific, historical and biblical proportions - .

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